These are some of the photos of what I've seen and take over the years of my young life .
Plus other random one <3<br /> And the happenings in my life.

This boy holds the key to my heart &lt;3 View high resolution

This boy holds the key to my heart <3

comunication sucks

wants to talk to one person but isnt getting anything back. over being sick and not being able to talk to people -_-

So it’s been ages since I last visited but meh. It’s my 21st birthday and I’m feeling a tad down and to be honest a little depressed and annoyed but hey I’m not gonna be all mopey oh your asses. Happy birthday to my bro of 21years

Work can be so much fun &#8220;some times&#8221; View high resolution

Work can be so much fun “some times”

A bit lonely

Could really do with cuddles from a certain person right now but not sure how they’re feeling -_-

Don’t you just love it when people think its all about them.
They crack it or get mad at you for nothing when plans or comments have no connection to them at all.
Thanks to those people who are like this and really annoy me at times!…

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